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Power Disruption Solutions
Adverse weather conditions have the potential to create numerous challenges in power distribution. Bryant offers power delivery solutions designed to overcome these challenges, despite the environmental conditions.
WT900M Installation Tool
Wirecon’s installation tool allows the installer to quickly and accurately install multiple conductors. The WT900M’s design offers a shorter profile to fit into tight spaces and weighs less making it easier to use repetitively.
Cam-Type Devices and Temporary Power Distribution Boxes
Bryant offers a complete line of high quality, Series 15 and Series 16 Cam-Type plugs, receptacles and accessories for the most demanding environments.
Temporary Power Distribution Boxes
Designed to address temporary power needs on construction sites and outdoor events
Extra Heavy-Duty Straight Blade and Locking Plugs and Connectors
Bryant Extra Heavy-Duty products come in the widest variety of NEMA and non-NEMA configurations in the industry designed for reliable and safe electrical connections.
USB Charger Devices
Bryant USB Chargers are available in the new Type-C port, a combination unit with Type A and C, and the legacy Type A, all with more charging power.
EXTRA DUTY® Metallic While-In-Use Covers
The NEMA 3R Rated EXTRA DUTY® Metallic and Non-Metallic While-in-Use Covers offer weather protection for outlets when they are in use
Aluminum Service Poles
Aluminum multi-service service pole products provide electrical and telecommunications wiring needs wherever they are needed.
EXTRA DUTY® Metallic While-In-Use Covers
EXTRA DUTY® Metallic While-in-Use Covers are designed for use whenever protection is required while an outlet is in use.
Arc Fault Receptacles
Bryant Arc Fault Receptacles meet the Latest National Electric Code Requirements for Arc Fault Circuit Interruption.