About Us

More than a Century of World Class Innovation, Quality and Experience

Building on more than 126 years of excellence, Bryant Electric offers an expanded and enhanced product offering for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets.
Our new product lines and product enhancements showcased in this latest catalog continue to combine the innovation, value, quality and superior performance you’ve grown to expect from Bryant.

Innovation and Value

pull switch In 1888, Waldo Calvin Bryant received a patent for the first push-pull switch that established the wiring device industry. Bryant’s product development and innovation continues today with systems and solutions that provide better value through safety and labor savings.
Bryant’s Quick-Tech™ connectorized receptacles provide an innovative quick and simple wiring method to cut down on installation costs. The CIRCUITPRO® Self-Test GFCI receptacles not only continuously monitor for ground fault conditions, but also test themselves every 60 seconds to ensure their continued ability to provide safety and protection.
Bryant Motor Controllers are suitable as motor disconnects, providing a solution that saves material, space and cost. Bryant’s metal raceway product line incorporates the features customers asked for but could not find. And building on our industrial and commercial experience, Bryant has also introduced a complete line of residential wiring devices and voice/data/communication products that incorporate innovation, value and leading edge features and style for today’s homes.

Quality and Superior Performance

Bryant’s new product offering serves to enhance our existing wiring device product line with better safety, ease-of-use and lower installation costs. Our plugs and connectors provide a full range of features from the Triple Gripper® cord grip and dust shield, to the durable impact-resistant nylon construction that Bryant introduced to the industry more than 40 years ago. Our hospital grade and industrial specification grade receptacles continue to incorporate a “true” one-piece grounding system, and the product offering has expanded to include tamper resistant, weather-resistant and connectorized devices. Bryant’s feature-rich devices continue to be preferred by specifiers, contractors and original equipment manufacturers for their quality and superior performance.

Our Growing Portfolio

Bryant’s commitment to distributors and customers is reflected in our continued growth and product line expansions. Since 1888, Bryant Electric has been a pioneer in the wiring device industry, and we continue to expand the brand by offering innovative solutions for the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets. Our proven track record of engineering dependable and durable products continues to make Bryant a respected leader in the industry. Whether it’s to receive technical expertise, design guidance or product information,